Where to get Soaplab2 from

Soaplab2 is distributed in several ways. Pick up the one that suits your needs, skills and courage. As always with Soaplab, different types of users (service providers, developers, Taverna users) may have different requirements and expectations.

Soaplab2 from the CVS
Soaplab2 from a released distribution
Soaplab2 from a Maven repository

If you want to have everything (including sources), and always the latest version (with more bugs fixed, and perhaps new bugs introduced), take Soaplab2 form the CVS:

Soaplab2 from the CVS

Requirements: CVS client, Java (JDK), Apache Ant, Apache Tomcat, Perl

Soaplab2 is available at SourceForge in the CVS module soaplab2.

Use a CVS client to check it out anonymously from SourceForge. For example, to use the command-line CVS client, type:

cvs -d:pserver:anonymous@soaplab.cvs.sourceforge.net:/cvsroot/soaplab login
cvs -z3 -d:pserver:anonymous@soaplab.cvs.sourceforge.net:/cvsroot/soaplab co -P soaplab2
When prompted for a password, simply press the Enter key.

Anytime later, you can update it by typing:

cd soaplab2
cvs update -dP
Once you have, or once you update it, go and build it.

Soaplab2 from a released distribution

Requirements: Java (JDK), Apache Ant, Apache Tomcat, Perl

Time to time, Soaplab2 releases stable versions on the SourceForge download page. They are similar to the CVS distribution with the following differences:

Soaplab2 from a Maven repository

Requirements: Java (JDK or JRE)

Maven repositories are for developers of Soaplab2 add-ons, or for those running Soaplab2 as a part of a bigger project. Typical example of the latter is Taverna.

The advantage of the Maven repository is that it knows about all third-party dependencies that are needed by Soaplab2.

The Soaplab2 is in the Open-Bio Maven repository:

and you put Soaplab2 in your dependency file using (use the version number you wish):
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