Compatibility with Soaplab1

Soaplab2 is not that different from the previous Soaplab. Internally, it is almost fully re-written but the main functionality remains. Still, there are some changes.

Backwards compatibility
What is different

Backwards compatibility

Why do we bother?

Mainly because of the Taverna users. There may be some good workflows that will be still using the Soaplab1 servers, definitely for some time. The backwards compatibility allows the service provider to use the new Soaplab2 code, but still be compatible with these old workflows.

In order to remain backwards compatible, the service provider has to deploy her services using axis1 protocol (details in the deployment guide):

ant axis1deploy
The Soaplab2 distribution includes a workflow example that was successfully used with Soaplab2. It uses EMBOSS and points to a server at http://localhost:8080 (so you can use it to test your Soaplab2 installation if you have also EMBOSS installed).

The only change needed in the workflow was a new name of few sequence parameters (see details below) - but these parameters are not used often so it hopefully do not break too many workflows.

What is different

Here are the changes that do not break anything. Simply speaking, the Soaplab2 interface is a bit richer but if you do not need to use the new richness you do not see any difference: And there are few changes that can break clients code. But we believe that most clients never used these Soaplab corners so not many will be broken. Sorry for any inconvenience if you are the one with the broken heart.

Last modified: Mon Feb 4 17:28:07 2008