Soaplab Typed Interface

One of the unique features of Soaplab is its generic interface that makes it possible to use one single interface when accessing any Soaplab Web Services regardless of the command line interface of underlying programs. However it is not possible to specify input/output data types as part of Soaplab generic WSDL; instead the interface accommodates methods to query this information. This difference from common WSDL interfaces, for example, doesn't allow standard Web Services clients to check/validate input data before sending a request or output data after a response has been received. There was a growing concern in Bioinformatics Web Services community that Soaplab should include input/output type descriptions at WSDL level. To address this concern, starting with version 2.2, Soaplab includes an interface called typed interface that includes input output type definitions at WSDL level.

How to enable typed interface

Soaplab providers can include Soaplab typed interface in their Soaplab web applications by defining the following two build time properties in their file (see an example server here that has typed interface enabled).

Use this parameter to enable typed interface for your Soaplab Web Services (expect longer startup times for your tomcat server after enabling typed interface)

Default value is false.

Last modified: Mon Feb 4 17:24:39 2008