Known Issues and To-Do Plans

We believe that the released version of Soaplab2 is functional. But we also know about many yet-to-be-implemented issues.

They are casually listed mixed together with the plans and suggestions in the NOTES file. One day, they either disappear (because they all will be solved), or I will format them more properly .

There is also a casual document listing issues that we are not sure if they should be solved or forgotten - see the DISCUSSION.

Last but not least, there is a casual list of issues and plans with Spinet Web client.

We will also try to keep track about the discovered bugs in the SourceForge Bug Report system. Please send your bugs preferably there.

However, it is good to have the major issues listed here:

Major known issues

Major plans for future

Last modified: Tue Feb 5 01:27:56 2008